Why A-level results are like Liverpool's League victory

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"For those of us who have had our IB results through already, we have had a preview of the A-level heartache that is coming on 13 August.

The purpose of this article is to show you what’s around the corner so that you can prepare. As all good teachers know, prior preparation can prevent all sorts of bad things from happening.

I’m going to make an unexpected analogy: imagining A-level results day could be like imagining an alternate reality in which Liverpool didn’t win the Premier League this season, but Manchester City did. Chelsea, by the way, came second.

Despite the fact that Liverpool were nearly 20 points clear, if the Premier League had stopped at 29 games – as it did at the start of lockdown – and had not restarted, they would not have been crowned champions this season.

Instead, Man City would be the title winners and Chelsea second. Liverpool would be limping home in third place. Here’s why.

Predictions of the Premier League exam board

Let’s apply the published A-level exam process to the objective football facts. Liverpool were way ahead: such was the gap that many people even suggested that they should have been awarded the title regardless of restarts.

But this doesn’t count. The Premier League exam board, if there was one, would have no way of knowing how far clear Liverpool were. They would have no objective data about this year’s performance. Teachers were not asked to send mock results or homework grades. Only in certain subjects with coursework grades would there be any objective data about this year’s performance.

What about the predicated grades? To extend the football analogy further, it’s clear that Liverpool would have been predicted an A* by their teacher. But, think about it. So, would Manchester City, would Chelsea and probably even Leicester, too.

These teams would have also predicted themselves an A* grade. Why not? Man City would have considered themselves in the title race; Chelsea are serial trophy winners. And in Leicester’s case…well, miracles have happened before (2016, anyone?). "

You can read the full article here - https://www.tes.com/news/why-level-r...league-victory

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