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    I am in a long term relationship and am very happy, but i have a really bad problem with my Jealousy.

    Me and my man went through a really rough time at the back end of last year, and since we've been even better as a couple, stronger and happy. however since then i've been uncontrollably jealous about little things.
    I read too much into wall posts on facebook.

    My man knows how jealous I get, and the fact of the matter is, i trust HIM, i just do not trust other girls - at all.

    When i get jealous, i get angry for a short time, then i think rationally again. I reason with myself and dont worry so much anymore.

    Does anybody know any "cure" for jealousy?

    Please no nasty posts like "your crazy" or anything - just a simple cry for advice xxxxxx

    Firstly, please don't call your boyfriend 'your man'. It makes you sound like you've come straight from Jeremy Kyle....

    As for real advice, its tough but you've just got to learn to trust him not to do anything. It'll be really tough to start with, but after the first couple of times, it'll get better. Maybe plan to spend time with your friends and have a girly night in while he is with his friends on a night out? It'll take your mind off it and you'll be having fun not even thinking about him. There is no quick-fire cure for jealousy, we've all had it (I'm sure), we just have to teach ourselves to get over it.

    There is no "cure" for jealousy, you simply have to get over it, really. You've said that you trust your boyfriend, which is good, so even if all these girls were falling on him, he'd still say no. Presumably, he's with you for a reason! Anyway, the best advice I can think of is to talk to him about it. Don't try to stop him talking to girls or anything like that, but just let him know how you're feeling and he'll understand. Also, next time you get jealous or angry, take a deep breath and ask yourself why- I bet most of the time, there's nothing to worry about!

    isn't this post exactly the same as the other one?
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