URGENT! Missing clearing offer since UCAS down for maintenance?

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Earlier I had an issue and posted this from https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho...4#post89755724

"So I missed my firm at strathclyde by 1 point, emailed them to see if they'd still accept me and they said it's unlikely for me to get in but they'll give me a decision in august once others results come out. I can't wait that long, since I have applications I need to fill in my home country before then, and I might lose many opportunities if I wait until then, especially if its just for an unlikely "maybe".

I got into my insurance at st.andrews but I don't wanna attend there (not a fan of location). So I applied through clearing and got accepted at KCL.
I have 2 days to add them as a clearing choice on ucas or they'll rescind my offer, but I can't add a clearing choice until strathclyde answers me (with an unsuccessful result).

I have quite literally contacted them every way possible, every department telephone, every email, but no answer. I've contacted UCAS to see if they can remove my application but they can't. I've emailed and called KCL to tell them I'm having issues but no one is answering.

What the hell do I do, I reallllly don't want to miss out on this spot just because no one is answering the phone. What do I do yall pls help I am stressing tf out"

Now UCAS is down for maintenance and opens on sunday, AFTER my offer expires. So even if I could add them, I cant. Literally what do I do, why has this year been so *****y and why does everything have to be so difficult.
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I doubt Kings will do anything over the weekend. If you definitely want to go there email them and explain the problem you are having.

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