League of Gentlemen

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Anyone else watch this show? Pretty dark humour but it’s class.

Its gotten a lotta stick for the character Papa Lazarou the circus ringmaster and Barbara the transgender taxi driver.

Netflix removed the show because Papa Lazarou is offensive (blackface) when anybody can see that the character itself is more of a mythical creature than a human being, and is in no way a depiction of black people.

Wikipedia Character Description:

“Papa Lazarou is a demonic circus master and collector of wives. He has a rasping voice and an indefinable accent. It is revealed that his skin is actually black and white, and uses pink foundation to appear Caucasian. The character is one of the most bizarre and mysterious of the League's. Some of the women in his 'book of wives', seen in series three, appear to have lived over a century ago. This hints at the character's unnatural lifespan” - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Papa_Lazarou?wprov=sfti1

Barbara the transgender taxi driver is another thing that people decide to get mad at, when me and my group of friends (all LGBT - with 2 trans people) love watching the show and find Barbara hilarious. After all, it is just a joke show and is in no way meant to degrade people.

I just feel that comedy is becoming so sterile, and people are finding the tiniest little things to be offended by. If its that bad don’t watch it surely?


(Not here for a fight, not changing my stance on this. End of the day I have it on DVD and digital so it’ll live forever among my household and friends. Somebody has to preserve this stuff before it all gets wiped off the face of the earth)
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I love The League of Gentlemen and personally don't find it offensive but then I do have a pretty dark sense of humour. I understand where people are coming from in terms of the controversy but I honestly don't think it was intended to be hurtful or offensive in particular - it's just part of the dark, twisted sense of humour of the show.

As far as Papa Lazarou goes I can see the issue in a way, as blackface was (and is) intended as a way to mock and belittle people for the colour of their skin; however, in this case I don't think it's intended to offend or demean anyone, but rather keep with the weird, backwards aesthetic of the town. A huge theme of the show is resistance to change so it makes sense that people would be a bit behind in their thinking in-universe. Like I said, I personally don't have a problem with it, but then I've never experienced racism first-hand and am not a POC or part of an ethnic minority. If someone who was, however, did have a problem with it, and could explain why, then I may change my mind. I'd be interested to see what others have to say on the topic.

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