How does the internal assessement of BTEC units work

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So my teachers sent of predicted grades for the internal units that we've done, but some of them said that it's final and others said that it may be changed. They also talked about a moderator/exam board coming in to check our work, but I was also told that it's unlikely and that they didn't send off our work with our predicted grade. I'm confused, can someone please explain?
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Hey, same thing happened with my college and probably most people who did BTEC. Basically your department heads would have had a meeting with your teachers and decided what grade you deserved in each unit based off your previously completed coursework, your attendance and your engagement and interest in lessons. Once they settle on a grade for you, the college sends it off to the exam board to be moderated.
This is basically just a check to see if the right grades are being given out fairly and consistently. They will look at a sample of students from your course and compare their predicted grades with the grades they previously got. If one student who got Ps previously was all of a sudden predicted Ds, that would indicate a problem. Same applies if a student who achieved D's previously all of a sudden got predicted Ps.
If a problem in grading is detected, they will either adjust the sample students predictions so they are correct or they will ask the college for everyone's grade and fix all of them. So theoretically, if there is cause to do so then your grade could be changed.
Tbh I wouldn't even worry as this most likey won't happen. Enjoy summer while it lasts!!!

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