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does anyone have any good tips on revision and how to split up all my lessons? Im setting my GCSEs this year and then my IB. My lessons are Spanish, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, English and business and I don't know how and where to start

help pls
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First of all good luck!

I can’t really help with some of your subjects but I did take Spanish, Maths and English haha! So this is what I did for those subjects -

Spanish -
Practice your basics on DuoLingo as they repeat over and over and therefore you’ll instantly know them! Use Seneca and Memrise as these websites have more advanced vocabulary and this will help you! The main thing I did was learn one or two really advanced opinion phrases. This will boost your grades in your writing and speaking exams!

Maths -
I was really bad at maths I can’t lie haha! I did so so many past papers and exam questions just to get used to how they were worded and it helped so much. Attend any revision classes as it really will help your grades. I also used Mymaths and Mathswatch!

Learn your quotes. Make mind maps, flash cards etc. I also used Seneca as they have courses designed for your exam board and your texts, books etc. This really helped boost my grades! Also use Drop, Zoom, Flash, End for your creative writing. This means -

DROP- drop into a scenario, for example a child in a funfair etc.
ZOOM - zoom into a specific thing and describe it so it could be a ride at the funfair.
FLASH- flash to a different area of the funfair or a flashback to a different point in time.
END - end your story by looping it back to the beginning so in this scenario I would reference the funfair again!

Hope this helps!
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I can only advise what works for me, so its definitely worth bearing in mind that everyone has their own methods of revising.
Always start with the subject you like least so that you definitely get it done because its the easiest one to avoid.
Breaking each subject down into subtopics is essential. So in the example of psychology it can help to break things down into the theories (giving examples, names and dates of each) e.g. cognitive, biological, psychosocial, neuroanatomy etc.
It helps to follow how the teacher has broken down the subject as usually they have done this for a reason.
Making notes, mindmaps, flashcards, visual cues can help some people.
Fully planning answers to or completing past papers is helpful.
Re-read notes from throughout the year that you have taken during in class as usually your teachers will have gone through in better detail than revision sites or books and may also have highlighted essential information.
Revising with friends or colleagues can help as you can test each other and push each other further.

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