How bad is my sunburn

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Ok im not gonna send a picture but yesterday I was out in the sun, I did put suncream on but not properly (I know im an idiot) and as a result part of my face has burned, there is a region below my eyes and on my nose and part of my forehead where i didnt apply suncream well, Im furious at myself for being complacent. However the red parts of my face dont feel painful or itchy even when I rub them so Im guessing it isnt that severe. However it does look a bit reddened. After I came in yesterday my face felt a bit hot for a few hours but after that it feels normal. My question is, if my skin is reddened but not painful or itchy how serious do you think my sunburn is? I have health anxiety so naturally im now worrying about melanomas etc, I was sun burned 2 years ago, although it didnt peel and I was sunburned about 6 years before that. Anyone have any idea if im at risk now?
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without a pic we have nothing to go on :hmmmm2:

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