Why does he keep trying to message?

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So I met someone online, started talking to him (mainly to push away my real feelings for someone else-I wasn't quite sure how old they were). Anyway, ended up with me in an online 'relationship' I didn't want to be in (I get it, this is my fault) and anyway, he wouldn't let go etc, made my mental health suffer, caused me to lose confidence I haven't long gotten back. Anyway, he met someone else (I'll point out here that I was never going to meet him in real life) and was horrible towards me (I was just glad that it was over) and kept trying to rub it in (which didn't affect me in the slightest) but it turned out this girl was actually just pretending and they were male/or they were trans gender but hadn't had the operation (I never found out which, but I know it was one of these). So I didn't talk to him, ignored him on everything-got my confidence and self respect back. And now he's trying to get back in-despite me being very clear that I don't want anything to do with him. He went away for like idk 2 months-I wasn't counting, and now he's back again. Sigh.
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You could as well ask, why a hungry human keeps thinking about food.

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