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I am looking to do a Masters in Quantity Surveying/Cost management coming this September 2020. Im really confused with my life, I want to change my career as I have hit a dead-end. I work in customer support (tax) and i hate it.

I graduated in 2016 with a 2:2 studying Maths. I am not totally clued up with the construction sector but i am willing to learn. Would it be a good idea to buy one or two books in construction just to get a feel for the keywords and the structure of the content? & would watching a few construction documentaries help in order to solidify my understanding? I do not want to start blindly and be behind whilst everyone is ahead of me. (It does state on some applications, non-degree related disciplines are welcome) - So i would assume a lot of people will be in the same boat as me which is reassuring.

The reason why I wish to purse this career is: The idea of being RICS accredited, option to move internationally, demand for QS is always there, its a stable job career and i have an interest in building structures (Although i have never learnt this in great detail).

Now with that being said, my other concerns are:

1) Its been a long time since i have done essay writing and report writing so it is not my strongest point will this cause massive problems in my masters? If so, any tips on how to research and score high on reports? (I am aware ALOT of the time will be researching, reading, presenting & planning reports)

2) Will there be people in my class who are in the same boat as me who do not have a construction background and have a non-related degree?

Overall, I am just unsure on pursing this as I have fear that i may be overwhelmed with the information and report writing in conjunction with the feeling of isolation and lack of support will cause me to fail. Its a very limited mentality. Maybe i need to believe in myself more?

Thank you in advance for the replies Image

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