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Afternoon all, reading through lots of threads and I'm seeing lots of conflicting info so thought I'd start a discussion as lots of helpful input on this site.

Bit of a late call but after lots of debate have decided to sign up for a two year EMBA (part time). Was unsure what the right decision would be given Covid and economic uncertainty but upon reflection think this is the perfect moment. I have a well paid and stable job with pretty kind working hours and my GF has just signed up for a masters meaning the house will be pretty quiet/studious anyway.

That being said, i'm short on time. I've spoken with all the main Unis for a profile review and they've all said I would meet their criteria. The question now is course vs location vs cost.

- LBS, clearly the best school bu c. £90-100k is crazy money and doubt I can make that work
- Warrick, highly regarded and a floor in The Shard with some support facilities but disconnected from main campus, will require lots of travel there in second year.
- CASS, whilst taking a knock from some on this forum at undergrad, the post grad and particularly MBA seems highly regarded.
- Imperial, doesnt start till Feb/March so ruling out as a plan B.
- Cranfield/Henley both out of London campus and require lots of time off work, travel and hotel bookings etc.

Does anyone have experience of either a full or part time MBA at these schools? Any I've missed that might tick my criteria?

Thanks in advance!

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