Get no male attention because I'm shy Watch

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i am also very shy and have the same problem. women also do the exact same thing only in a more matter of factly manner. This ruins your self esteem, as it has done mine. I might see a girl that i like that has looked at me, so i show some interest in her. then she gives off negative signals. So, i walk away sheepishly feeling depressed and unwanted.
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(Original post by Adarah)
you remind me a bit of myself. I was never too shy normally, except around guys. Or i'd tell myself I wouldn't be shy and just get it over with and ask them out to the cinema or what not... and always end up just coming across as weird or something, i don't know.
i never had a kiss or a boyfriend until I was 19 or a boyfriend until I was 20. Basically all happened at uni.

If your so called 'friends' are making nasty comments about you not having male attention, i think it is because they are jealous of your looks and are trying to make themselves feel good about themselves. In all ways they are worse than you, except that they get guys. So they try to rub that in as much as possible? They don't sound like nice friends to me. And it seems those guys who talk to you agree, your friends don't have nice personalites. Find better friends! Ones who will be supportive and give you good advice on guys, not ones who will hold you back. Maybe they go behind your back and tell guys who fancy you that you are strange and that they should stay away from you. May sound paranoid, but that's exactly what happened to me when I first came to uni and got in with the wrong people.

Being shy is not such a bad thing when you're a girl. But I'll try to give you some advice here, though I don't know if it is applicable to you or not. It's hard, because I don't know anything about you at all, i can only tell you what helped me in a way...

it helped me to make more of an effort with my appearance. i always did my hair, wore make up and spent money on clothes... but, eh, it was the wrong make up the wrong hair style and the aweful clothes. Looking back now, I can see I did it all wrong. But that's what being a teenager is about some times :o: .
so, you might ask a friend (who is nice and always looks stunning and natural, not caked up) to give you some style and make up tips.

One of the reasons this helps is that if you dress to impress the guys, they notice. it says to them: this girl wants your attention, look at her, isn't she nice? rather than: i'm shy, so I dress in a grey sack, not interested in you, I'm obviously a nun.
if you look like you are trying to attract a guy, then you don't need to go up to them and do anything, you can remain exactly who you are, which is very important. Don't change your personality! But let guys know you are interested simply by what you wear. That doesn't mean dress like a slut or sexily, just means dress nicely and confidently and nice make up.

And don't worry that people will wonder why you are changing your clothes, why you are doing this differently etc.
i used to worry about that kind of thing. I tried to be who people expected me to be. Then i realised... to be honest, people really don't care at all. They care about themselves and are selfcentred most of the time. They won't spend ages thinking about why you changed your style. most that'll happen is that they'll notice, compliment you on it and then wonder what they should eat for lunch.
All your points are absolutely spot on! I just wanted to add to the OP that perhaps if you're shy, make friends with some guys - way less *****y than girls can be, and I think guys can make really great friends. Plus, it's not a bad place to start.

In terms of the dressing part, people will say wow you look nice and notice the change, but I don't think they'll really notice. For me it was a gradual thing and accepting my body but it does make a difference to how you feel (and helped me get over my body issues).

Oh and my best make up tip - a nice swish of rosy blush makes all the difference!

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