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Hi I’m due to complete my honours degree in a science related subject and I don’t plan on using the degree at all as I want to change my course completely.

I’ve been thinking and doing some research on doing a masters in an IT related course

What I’ve been looking at mostly is Software Development

I just want some advice on which course is the best or just a broad knowledge on the different options that are available.

I will really appreciate it. So I can better prepare myself
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Hi there,
Although it isn't my own personal experience, I'm close friends with someone who has been and gone through the exact experience you've described. They did a degree in physics, but felt they didn't want to go into a career in science and instead continued their studies to do a Masters in computer science. They now work in software development.
STEM degrees are highly sought after by a wide range of employers. So your options are very open in terms of your undergraduate degree, depending on the degree, you may be able to just find employment as a software developer anyway. If you switch to anything to do with software development (programming, coding, computing/computer science etc) you'll still have a range of employers seeking your skills, but specifically to do software development for them rather than the broad range of positions available to a 'scientist'.
With the Covid-19 situation likely to be around for sometime, I expect many big companies taking on more computing graduates to help develop better software or maintain hardware for if the world moves back into remote working. If you did well, you would probably guarantee yourself employment.
Make sure postgraduate studies is something you definitely want to do though. It is a step up and the work can be tough and demanding, especially if you are changing specialities. This is what I did and all of my taught modules assumed I had a degree in the subject I changed to which meant I had to work twice as hard as others to catch up.
Good luck with whatever you choose!

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