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This post is for all those that are planning to study at Maastricht University. I am going to try to be as objective as possible regardless of the shame and disappointment this institution puts on the lives of its students.

Background info: I have studied Economics at the Maastricht University for around 1,5 years prior to transferring to another top 10 UK institution to purse a degree in Business Administration.

I) INTERNATIONAL FACULTY: This is a straightforward lie. Although The university is even being sued by the Dutch government for having "too many international students" in its faculty, 82% of these students are coming from Germany. Specifically, the NorthRhein Westphalia region consisting of cities such as Aachen, Cologne, Dusseldorf etc... So if you are looking to meet people and have groups of friends from diverse backgrounds, I suggest you re-consider your choice of university. Although many German students can be friendly and accepting, it is commonly known throughout the region that racism towards many occurs on a regular basis.

II) TEACHING STAFF: Other than lecturers that you have the privilege of listening to 2 - 4 times a week, the rest of the classes are held by second year students or above that are not qualified in teaching. They are selected by the department heads depending on their grades, irrespective of their knowledge of the English language or their ability to interact with students and teach them. Worse, there are many instances where tutors have personal relations of a close nature to students simply because they are either friends, or.. you get the gist. To top this, there are certain persons of high staff positions that cannot even spell the names of notable people in the field correctly. Have you heard of Allione Musk ?... the founder of TESLA Motors ?

III) STUDENT-FRIENDLINESS: Well, quite frankly speaking the front desk receptions, student services staff as well as general administration are very helpful and positive when interacting with students in need of assistance. However, when we turn the page to professors and the board of examiners, it is a social graveyard. You want a personal feedback on your exam? Shame. You forgot your student card but they can simply check via the school system and compare to your id to let you sit an exam for which you studied 10 weeks? Shame.You didn't understand a particular subject or topic and you need your tutor's help after the lecture or tutorial? Shame.

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