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Hey guys so basically I need some advice / words of reassurance 😂.

So I’m off to university in Birmingham in September and so is one of my close friends - however we will be attending different unis (not really a problem because the unis are like 5mins apart).

She is also attending the same uni as one of her cousins and they are super close. We both like to party and have a good night out however she goes out more in our home city due to knowing more people as her cousin introduces her to all of her friends and so on. She never invites me to the parties and tbh I don’t feel on way about it.
As I guess she too was also just invited

The only thing I’m worried about is that at uni we planned to spend our freshers together and go out partying together however I feel as tho once we get there she will just go out with her “party friends” . I know you may be reading thinking “ no I’m sure you’ll spend it together” but I know the situation and trust me when I say I know that this is how it’ll turn out!

I just hope that once I get to uni, I make my own set of friends and develop my own group of people who I can have fun with also. I tend to make friends quite easily although I’m shy I understand socialising is key to enjoying your uni experience & therefore I’m open and excited to meeting new people. Do you think I’ll develop my own friendships with people? And have my own fun?
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Nearly everyone going to university is in the same boat as most people won’t know many or any at all attending. Freshers weeks at most universities will have plenty of opportunities to meet people (these events may be smaller/different due to the current situation but unless there is a huge second peak I think they may be some sort of freshers at most universities). You’ll meet people on your course and societies are always a good way to make friends with similar interests to you.

Hope this helps

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