What do you think I should do job wise?

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I’m currently doing an apprenticeship in a salon and studying level 2 beauty therapy. I am 18 today and have a little girl who is 16 months old. I am on minimum apprenticeship wage and I work 3 long days a week so I claim Universal Credit as it’s part time. I am also going to go to college once a week. I want to do this as a career, but a Virgin Media call centre for example is such good money and you get commission - I’m thinking of getting qualified then doing beauty on the side?! What would you do? I’m money motivated and as long as I enjoy my job I’m happy.
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Ex Call centre worker here!!

I would say do what makes you happy. If that's staying in beauty therapy then go for it. Or if you want to go with a call centre role then do, there really is no right or wrong answer here.

A caveat to call centres though. They are great places to work but as far as the commission goes it only applies once you actually get someone to buy something from you and after the 14-day cooling-off period that contracts have. And that's if you get a customer that's actually looking to buy.

A lot of my day was spent being shouted at by people who either didn't understand what they had signed up for or have unrealistic expectations of the service. I burned out eventually and took me ages to get back on track mentally and find something else I love to do.

Saying that. there is no harm in trying it out if you really want to see what it can be like.

Good Luck!!

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