JP Morgan Degree Apprenticeship Questions

Keir Starmer
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Hey All,

In September I am going into Year 13, so like pretty much everyone else in my year I am starting to think about higher education.

One option I have come across is a Financial Services Degree Apprenticeship run buy JP Morgan. Whilst I am still thinking of putting down 5 choices on my UCAS for regular universities, I think this could be a good thing to apply for as I can learn as well as get practical skills by doing an actual job.

I have a few questions, so if anyone could answer them I would be grateful.

1. Can this degree apprenticeship lead me onto a career in investment banking?
2. Is it possible to do this in the London office as well as the Bournemouth office?
3.Is accommodation provided by JP Morgan or would I have to find my own accommodation.
4.How rigorous is the application process and how many places are there?
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1. Yes, but keep in mind this is dependent on company demands and during the apprenticeship you'll be placed in many different parts of the business. If when applying you make it clear you only want it for investment banking they probably won't hire you.
2. For finance, yes. It should be clear when you go to apply.
3. You'll have to find your own accommodation I'm afraid.
4. There is a lot of competition but it's far from impossible. There is a telephone interview, assessment centre, insight evening, and video interview. Do your research, prepare answers to typical questions - lots of help online, at the assessment centre there's a balance between not talking enough and talking too much, at the insight evening you interact with JP staff so be friendly and show an interest in the business, and I don't know much about the video interview.
I made it to the insight evening despite doing no research and having very little interest in joining. I just wanted the interview practice. So if you have a genuine interest you have a decent shot and if you fail you still get the experience to take with you to whatever you apply to next.

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