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English Lit A Level that necessary??? watch

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    rse to have one of english lit/history

    I'd say English Literature is not NECESSARY to get onto a good arts course, however it is looked highly upon. If you want to go into Journalism especially. Also if you wish to do a law degree, then it is considered highly.
    English Literature will help you if you want to do a good arts course as it will help you develop essay writing skills.
    Drama, well it is not looked upon highly by universities.

    IMO your up for Eng lit, but i don't know if your willing to put the effort in. You don't need to read many books, i read i think 2 in two years. Some i just read the synopsis (like a summary) and one book i read 100 pages and did my coursework on it and got a B :p:
    Its not an easy subject though. The synoptic paper is hard and depending on the units some poets are difficult.
    Your chosen careers and even your uni course would benefit from Eng Lit as its well repsected by uni's and is a essay based subject which uni's like.

    Overall though its up to you! If you like it and you get good grades then why not? But you will have to make some effort. Maybe go and speak to that English teacher you like, see what they say about your issue.

    it is also worth bearing in mind that eng lit at A level is completly different to GCSE. it is alot more involved with the texts and while extra reading is not strictly nesessary, it is very helpful.

    eng lit is one of those subjects that is well reguarded and useful for loads of careers. But you should choose your A levels based on what you think you're going to enjoy because you could be studying it for the next 2 years

    (Original post by hazzypants)
    If you asked me a year ago, I would've said that English Lit A Level was a definate choice for me, but now I really don't think it is; i'm not sure!

    1) I loved my english teacher. she was great. infact quite alot of the lads liked her lol. but seriosuly she was really good and lessons were fun., not always on task tho.

    2) I love drama, and it is related with shakespeare, books etc I lvoe the way characters are made up, and would love to beocme a better writer and have a better understanding of characters.. feelings... emotions...

    3) I found it easy. Got A* and A. We were basically spoonfed the books, OMAM was read to us in classs, and themes were covered etc;

    4) I have considered careers in juornalism, broacasting, acting, drama and maybe law.

    However now I think...

    1) I only liked the subject THAT much cos of my teacher?

    2) I got A* in language, an A in Lit. I Know i have the ability for lit, but im stronger at lang... and i do like creative wiritng...

    3) is it that necessary for me? i mean im taking french, maths geogprahy... and then a geog/politics degree would equip me with the skills for journalism surely?

    4) Can i be arsed to read the books? I've been meanign to read 1984 all summer... and just haven;t got round to it. Infact I like to think reading is a hobby of mine, but i really just don't read that often. the last book i read outside of school was harry potter, when it last came, and even then i skipped to the end...

    At A level i won't be spoonfed the sotires and will have to read 6 books in a year appazz..... i also will probably be tkaing 5 AS subjects!


    Is it necessary for me? In light I'd quite like to do a drama degree when i'm older? or a politics degree? or beocme a journalist... is it necessary to get onto a good arts course to have one of english lit/history
    from your pro's i think you are definately capable of doing english lit. The books arent that long, and to be honest you dont have to do a lot of work. Obviously to get the A you need to have natural writing ability, and it seems you have it

    good luck

    "definAte", "infact" and "alot" - and you got an A* in English language?

    I don't think English literature is any more necessary than any other subject to get onto an Arts course, in general, unless of course, it's a course involving English. Which journalism pretty much is. However, as you don't intend to do a degree in journalism, you should be fine getting onto your chosen degree with your subject combination.

    The only problem, however, might be after your degree - journalism is already fiercely competitive, and you wait a long time to get anywhere. You'll spend a long time working for publications that are relatively unheard of, like the Clapham Herald or something small, like that. Don't think you'll just walk into the Times or Guardian and get a job. Without a degree in journalism or even an A Level in any sort of English, I think you'll be disadvantaged.

    I didn't read any of the books, just the synopsis and got an A at AS and A2, so go for it. No one with intelligence has to even read the books to get an A so don't worry about length of books or whatever.

    Just go for it.
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    (Original post by GHOSH-5)
    for journalism, as you said you were considering that as a career, eng lit is HIGHLY looked on, from what careers consellors from school have told me and my sister. from your gcse english and english lit grade, they look good to go in and get a good result. i dont think it is necessary though. it really depends on whether you WANT to do english lit at a-level and whether you enjoy the subject itself (not about what teacher you have :p:)
    lol, well im not guna the same teacher at gcse, cos im moving to a diff college.

    i enjoy english.. but i also enjoy drama, politics, geography, maths, chemm.... its just deciding which subjects to chop off my list.

    Would english lit be necessary for someone likely to end up in a drama-based career????

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