I've just commited Roadkill (Badger) *gruesome Road kill"

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I feel quite bad,
Today I was driving through the woods on a newly established road and I ran over a Badger that came from the woods and I had no time to avoid it
I am hoping it was a quick kill and I think it may have been because I was travelling around 50mph .

I stopped because the impact had pulled off the bumper on one side and I clipped it back on but the bumper is in a bit of a mess so will get it repaired by a specialist it has cracked the bumper near the grille I don't have pics to upload yet.

Anyway as I was stopped I had a look over at the Badger laying a few metres away it looked as though it had its eyes open but was unresponsive , there was no way at all it would survive even if it wasn't killed right away , it had been chewed up inside the wheels the middle of its body was splattered in blood and guts and had blood on its face and looked as though it had bled from the mouth on impact
I felt sad but there was no way I could have avoided hitting it as it came so fast from the fields .
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My first (and only so far) roadkill was a pheasant hidden by a tiny blind summit, by the time it came into view it would have been downright dangerous to try and avoid it. It's sad and I felt super guilty about it for a while but unfortunately, there's not much you can do. It sucks but it's not your fault, I hope your bumper fix isn't too expensive.
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I ran over a frog while trying to avoid it 2 weeks after I got my first car.

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