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Hi, I was just taking some body measurements since I'm looking to buy a suit and I was a bit curious about them. I'm taking them with a pinch of salt because I used a measuring tape rather than the measuring ribbon thing you're meant to use (which I accidentally hoovered up...).

17 years
5'8, 62kg
waist = 32 inches
hips = 35 inches (this waist:hip ratio is healthy and "pear shaped")
overarm = 27.5inches
[back of neck to shoulders = 5 inches
shoulders to elbow = 13 inches
elbow to wrist = 9.5 inches]
chest = 32 inches 34 inches
inside leg = 32 inches

one thing I noticed is, my chest is 32 34 inches yet my hips is 35 inches. is that something that's abnormal or worrying? I'm not that fat, but I know that a lot of my body fat is stored in my thighs/butt which I've noticed for a long time even when my weight was 55kg (low)

does waist size increase as you gain weight? because when I last measured my waist 2 months ago, it was 29 inches and now it is 32. but back then my weight was 57kg and now it's 62kg.

this explains why some of my 30 waist jeans are a tight fit :lol:

would appreciate any answer to my questions above, and any general comments/questions on my measurements. also, other guys feel free to post your body measurements

edit: HANG on the shop i was looking at doesn't even do 32 inches chest... i must have measured it wrong and my current blazer is 38 inches.... ok it's 34 inches then.
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If by measuring tape you mean the metal stiffish thing that will definately not give you accurate results as it's too stiff to go around you properly, the ribbon thing you mentioned would be a better choice just get it out the vacuum and wash it off it should be fine.
And yes waist size ususually increases with weight gain.

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