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I want to do Chemicalk Engineering, I have BCC predicted grades, I want to go to Uni of Nottingham, Sheffield or Birmingham or Manchester backup Bradford, be plain and honest with me please because I don't want to end up with 5 rejections, what are my chances of getting conditional offers, I have a very good personal statement, becuase I have done multiple Online courses related to Engineering some examples Aerospace with MIT, Energy and Environmental Costrainsts with Harvard, Nuclear Engineering with the OU and have gotten a week of shadowing with an engineer
and have shown real interest in the subject via outside of school learning. I really wanted to do well for my FUPG's and get AAA but not an option anymore, so I need some real honest opinions about if I even stand a chance. If I get rejected by all of my options what can I do, will I not be able to go to university or do I wait for clearing to find a course through there, and what are the chances any good universities for chem eng will be on the options for clearing. Suppose I do get aaa or more can I ring up my universities that rejected me and ask if I can join?? Those are all my questions I think. Thanks to anyone in advance who can give me a thorough and detailed response!!!
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Check the entry requirements of these universities against your predicted.
If your predicted meets or exceeds them you have a decent chance *i think*

If you can get your predictions up and you have to speak to your teachers about this then that would help if the entry requirements are higher.

Another thing is the courses you say you done they are quite broad and not focused on Chem Eng which they might ask why.

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