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Im currently entering year 13 and want an engineering degree apprenticeship after I leave. However in order to get one at most company’s I need a level 3 engineering apprenticeship which takes 4 years and is equivalent to a levels. Will it be a waste if I proceed onto a level 3 after already completing a levels, thanks
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I’ve just completed an engineering degree apprenticeship (L4-6), it took 5 years.
I previously completed a level 2 and 3 engineering apprenticeship. They take 1 and 2 years respectively.

You don’t need a level 3 apprenticeship to get into a degree apprenticeship or university. There were three other people who started when I did, all of which did A levels.

Level 3 apprenticeships are not a waste of time. You get paid and finish with competence as an engineer (technician level).

Level 3 apprentices are sometimes offered a degree. Apprenticeship by their employer.

Accepting a level 3 apprenticeship can help you get your foot in the door with a prestigious employer, who may then advance you to degree level (L4-6). it would also give you an advantage when applying to do a L4-6 at a different employer.

I was offered advancement after my L3 but chose to change employer to do my L4-6.

I started my degree apprenticeship at 23, take your time and make sure you’re doing something you enjoy.

Hope this helps
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