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Which is better?
- in terms of assessment methods
- facilities
- destinations of students etc
- teaching
- study guides
So far i have a scholarship from one and none from the other - still trying to decide as I have a few weeks left to decide
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I'm not sure one should be viewed as better than the other but it is true that the two providers differ in certain regards. I studied the GDL at ULaw and the exams were 3 hour closed book exams, some in January and some in June. I believe that BPP assesses all modules at once at the end of the academic year. This was the case when I studied the GDL (2018/2019).

In terms of facilities, I can speak from my experience studying at ULaw at the Leeds campus. The library has a great selection of resources, and also has many computers as well as desk space. On the top floor there is a cafe area which also has rows of computers so makes for an additional, informal study space. There is also the student services team, a careers team who are great at helping with applications, CVs, pro bono etc, as well as a welfare team. ULaw also have a great many resources which are available to you through their online portal.

'Destination' of students is very similar with both, what you will find is that BPP and ULaw have unique partnerships with different city firms, so students who secure training contracts before they start the course might not get the choice of where to study the GDL/LPC. Ultimately both have good if not equal reputations with employers, as the two biggest providers.

I can speak of the teaching at ULaw. I found it worked well for me, 2 hour workshops and a 1 hour lecture on each weekly topic. The lectures would be made available online afterwards however the workshops were not, and physical attendance is compulsory. The workshops allow you to go through the topics in depth and review your preparatory tasks. The tutors are great at making it clear what it is you need to know, for the exams as well for future reference in practice.

There are no official study guides for revision at ULaw, I imagine this is the same for BPP. You receive at the start of the year a comprehensive guide for each module that you will study on the course, and this is generally the only material you require to prepare for class work and then assessments. The books are written with enough detail for you to understand the topic but not too much so as to be overwhelming.

Hope this helps!

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