Getting Ill While On My Period

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So I've had my period since I was 11, and they've never been that bad, except from in the beginning. Last year I dealt with severe anxiety around the time of my GCSE's. I had one or two really light/non-existent periods. My anxiety is very much related to health worries, even though I have no problems.
Anyway to cut to the point, This past period has been awful. Last week, I just felt terrible, and then I realised it was PMS, which has started getting a lot worse ever since the whole corona/lock down started. I've had nausea and indigestion, which I normally get. I also normally get sinus problems around this time as well, but this month it's been worse. My throat had that stuffy-ness feeling that I haven't dealt with in about 2 years, and my anxiety has been off the scale. I've gone back to my obsession with checking my pulse, which I hadn't done in nearly a year.
I just seems as though my period has got worse ever since we've been at home because of corona
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Oh my gosh that sounds horrible! i have severe spcial anxiety/anxiety in general (mainly thought and trauma related) and everytime on my period my anxiety flares like mad (this week actually) and if you have a sore throat or anything i reccoment eating marshmallows apperently it helps a itchy/blocked throat? no clue why though. Also period might be worse because we havent been going out and getting vitiman D n stuff. Maybe you could go on the pill? its meant to regulate periods and helped with mine alot. 🤗💛

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