Questions about BTEC Extended Diploma in Business

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Hello, this is my first time on here so I apologise if I get anything wrong in advance.

I've got a few questions about this qualification (the new one with exams) as I'm due to start this in September, and my college website barely has any important informstion on it.

1. I've completed Level 2 this year and I had 2 exams: Marketing and Finance. Apparently I'll have these exams at Level 3, is this true?

2. Can I please have an overview of the other 2 external examinations in the 2nd year, as I haven't heard much about them. Apparently, one's about a marketing campaign, but it's not an actual exam paper?

3. I did struggle with the Level 2 Business work at the start as I had never done Level 2 coursework (including GCSEs Maths and English) before. I think I'm going to get D*D*, but my question is, how difficult is Level 3 compared to Level 2?

4. Do you have any tips to succeed on the course?

Thank you
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Hi, I took a level 3 extended business diploma for my two years of sixth form and this is what I can tell you -

I'm pretty sure they can change which units are used for external assessments, so it is more than likely you won't do the exact same 2nd year exams I did (as there have been some cases of plagiarism in the past), but this is all I can give you.

1. In the first year you will have one marketing exam and one finance exam, these will both count to your overall grade at the end of the two year course, so don't half-arse them. In my experience, I thought I found the marketing one much easier but then scored higher on the finance, as long as you know the formulas and have a basic understanding of personal and business finance you will pass.

2. Unless your diploma is different to mine, there shouldn't be a 'developing a marketing campaign exam' in the 2nd year as that should be the one in the first year, the two in the 2nd year on mine were 'principles of management' and 'business decision making', neither of them are actual exam papers with questions.
The principles of management one gives information about a certain business which you must use and link with other principles of management, I performed better in this exam because I got extra marks for linking how the business should use better HR planning while adapting too a certain change, bear in mind your tutor will give details of this information anyway and it's best not to take my word for definite as you might do a different exam.
The business decision making exam is where you are presented with two decisions that you have to pick one of, the one I did was quite annoying as we had to pick whether a construction business should purchase a large bit of land and build houses from scratch or renovate some flooded houses in the midlands, this was pretty unfair because what does a 17/18 year old know about home-owning and construction compared to the previous years where it was just choosing between having an ice cream shop in a shopping centre or on the high street.
In this exam you will have to present equal arguments for both decisions, one of the sections you should detail about the human, physical and financial resources that will be used, you get extra marks if you mention time, which is a valuable resource that isn't on the revision material. To actually get more than a pass you HAVE to do a cash flow forecast and two other financial prediction methods, you must also explain what you have detailed on these or the examiner could just be reading any old information, it's all about explaining the reasoning behind your decision making.
When you come to the end of the exam you must give a justified conclusion on which decision you think is best for the business to pursue, for example, you have to give more than one reason, they can be anything from something as simple as 'I chose this option because the profit margins were more favourable' to something like 'I chose this option because the cost of human and physical resources is less with a bigger reward', you will probably be smarter than me but it's just stuff along those lines, the examiner has to see evidence of what you have written in your conclusion in the other sections of the exam.

3. While on the course we were given some level 2 material to compare to ours, level 3 just requires a bit more detail as well as theory, i.e. instead of just saying this is what I'm going to do with this construction business, you also have to include details on the construction industry and general statistics and facts as they reinforce your point, I can't really help you with this part but tutors will mark you down if you don't include good theory with your actual work, again you will be taught (in detail) what I'm telling you now.

4. Go for distinctions on every assignment, most of the time it's just three or four extra paragraphs of content and it looks much better than a merit, if you don't know what you're talking about in a section of coursework, there are so many resources apart from google, textbooks and tutor2u for example, just be confident in what you are doing and you will succeed, I found the assignments really easy but tedious to complete and sometimes the marking criteria repeats itself so you might end up writing the same thing twice, but don't worry about it, re-sub's exist which give you a couple days to fix any errors your tutor gives feedback on and allows you to possibly get a distinction if you had a go at it on the first hand in and didn't quite get it.

Compared to other BTEC extended diplomas, business is less practical and more academic, sometimes you go on educational trips, e.g. we went to the biggest amazon warehouse in the UK to see the business side of things, just be cool and confident in your work as well as being persistent and you'll easily get full distinction.

Sorry for poor grammar and hope this helps.

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