Moving from NI to England / Hertfordshire film & tv production

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Hi everyone I live in Northern Ireland and will be moving to Hertfordshire in September to study Film and Television Production. I’m 23 so a bit older than other first years, I’m a little worried about meeting people and making friends🙈 can anyone who has moved from NI tell me how you got on on? Moving/meeting people etc? With everything going on I’m worried about a second wave and being trapped over there. I’m naturally more of a quiet person but hoping uni will help me with that😂

Now about the course! I would love to hear from anyone who has graduated from this course or is currently on it. How are you finding it? Job/experience opportunities? Facilities? Contacts for when you’ve graduated? Finding work post graduation? I never went to an open day as I was a late applicant so any general info about uni life I would be interested in also. Understandably things will be a bit different this year!

Thank you☺️

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