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Hi in 2019 I didnt get particularly good alevel results.
I was just wondering how this could impact on my calculated grades?

I understand that ofqual are going to use all available data including previous exam results.
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It really depends on your situation. I'm guessing you're talking about you AS exams. When teachers sent in the CAGs to the exam boards, they would've considered several factors, including your previous attainments but also work ethic and recent standard of work. Only you can know how confident you can be.

The only data available to Ofqual will be the Centre Assessement Grades provided from schools, the rank order of students, and the historical attainment of the school and students in previous years.

Note that this is the answer for students in England under Ofqual. I believe CCEA in NI and Qualifications Wales are also doing a similar approach.

Your final results will be a mixture of the centre assessment grades (the grades your teacher sent in) and statistical standardisation.

Ofqual has published the model they will use to standardise the grades and a reflection on a symposium (conference) they held regarding the grades and process. I'll attach the two links at the end as I highly recommend you take a look at the slideshow and reflections. I personally have chosen to trust the process they are taking, the initial articles claiming all grades will be slashed by a 1/3 and recent ones stating all grades will be decided by computers were "factually" correct but very misleading. Ofqual has made a short video explaining it as well, linked at end.

The process simplified from what I understood is:
1. All centres send in the grades they believe each student would achieve. They then also rank these students, in who is most likely to achieve this grade to least likely.
2. Ofqual will take the historical grade distribution of the school's grades, adjust them for fluctuations and the CAGs, then overlay this distribution onto the grades the centre has sent in.
3. If for instance the centre sent in 15 candidates for A* in Physics, but historically they usually only have 11 or 12 per year, there is a chance the students ranked lowest in likely to achieve will be dropped down.


Standardisation process (Slideshow at the end):

Youtube video:
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