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Hi, I would like to make a sort of presentation of some sort to talk about the crisis in Yemen, does anyone have any recommendations of websites/references in which can tell how it all started?
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From what I know, Yemen had been under an authoritarian rule for decades. Following the Arab spring, a political transition happened to bring stability to the region. The new government failed to handle many of the arising problems and had little loyalty or trust from the people. A shia rebel movement took advantage of this and seized control of the north and capital. Neighbouring sunni states including Saudi Arabia didn't like this, and so, backed by the US, UK and France, led a coalition against this group causing a civil war, partly to exclude shia Iran from involving itself. The stalemate of this conflict has created a humanitarian crisis and toppled most of the countries infrastructure. Saudi Arabia continues to refuse backing down, and the rebels don't trust any peace negotiations outlined by the 'enemy'. In the end, who suffers? The innocent men, women and children. There's too much corruption and atrocities happening for them to be counted at this point.

Human Rights Watch Report:

BBC Article (Pretty sugar-coated imo):

UNICEF page:

Note: I have no intentions of starting a political argument, so please don't. I haven't read enough about it; ignorance is bliss.

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