What do we do in BTEC Information Technology?

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Hi, this is my first post in this forum.
I never got to know IT this realm before. I appreciate to learn a new skill to challenge myself, but my problem is I'm afraid it's going to cost me an inordinate amount of time sitting in front of my computer cramming because the first lesson covers more specialized in-depth concepts, even that I can still not get a satisfying result.
Can anyone describe how does this subject works, please.
What do we do in the lesson?
What do we do after school?
What do we need to prepare?
What I need to know well before the term is starting?
What I need to avoid / I don't have to do when I taking this subject?
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My friend did BTEC IT a few years ago. It involved quite a lot of database coursework and not a lot else. I think he did OK, and he only came into college when he could be bothered to get out of bed.

Unless the college has given you summer work, don't worry about learning anything yet. If you Google "BTEC IT" and the exam board your college uses, you'll be able to find and download the syllabus if you'd like to look through the course before you start.
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I just finished BTEC Information Technology Extended Certificate which is only 4 units and equivalent to 1 A level as opposed to the extended diploma which is 12 units and 3 a levels. So I can't comment on every unit out there and your college could choose different optional units anyway.
The exam I did was relatively easy once you understand the exam technique (reading examiners reports really helps here), and I only really needed to start proper revision a month before the exam to score a distinction.
The database unit was a nightmare. Had to use microsoft access for it and it felt so unintuitive. So you have to spend a fair bit of time practising how to do things.
Assignment based units are alright. You can do them at home or at school. I prefer these to exams as there isn't so much time pressure on you - so long as you don't leave them last minute!!!
Don't worry about not knowing stuff as there's plenty of time to learn what's needed before each assessment.

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