Global Development Institute or Bartlett Development Planning Unit?

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I will be pursuing my second masters in International Development and have shortlisted the following two universities from which I have offers. Both the programmes and universities seem super appealing so I am reaching out for help before I make a decision.

1. UCL / Bartlett Development Planning Unit (DPU)
2. University of Manchester / Global Development Institute (GDI)

At present I am a marketing professional with 7 years of work experience looking to segue into the development sector to eventually work with aid agencies , NGOs, businesses, governments or local authorities.

Would love to hear the communities' recommendation on which programme to go with! Certain parameters that I have considered:

1. Subject Ranking
- QS ranking for development studies: Manchester is ranked at #10 (with a Employer Reputation of 64.9) while UCL is not ranked at all
- Times ranking for politics & international studies (including development studies) : UCL is ranked at #14 while Manchester is at #31

2. Overall Ranking
- QS: UCL is at #10 (Employer reputation: 98.3) while Manchester is at #27 (Employer reputation: 97.4)
- Times: UCL is at #15 while Manchester is at #55

3. Course structure
Both programmes have similar and equally interesting programmes that would add value from a theoretical as well as practical standpoint.

4. Student and Alumni profiles
- Alums from both programmes are in prestigious roles across the industry doing exciting work within the development field!
- Although I did notice that the average age of Masters students at UCL was a bit higher and there were a few other students across batches who had pursued this programme as their second Masters.

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