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Apologies if this has already been raised. I have just completed my PGCE but obviously since March 2020 we were unable to engage in a placement. This meant we missed 10 weeks of placement. However, we had got a document outlining freely available CPD courses available on the internet. I had some contact with my tutors but only one session on employment which was officially provided by the university. No other lectures or sessions were made available in place of the lack of placement.

I did receive the PGCE and QTS recommendation. However, at £3000 for an experience that really doesn't match what a ten week placement would have given and for freely available CPD online meant that I asked if we could have any of that money back/returned to student finance. Obviously this was declined by the head of department.

Something about this doesn't sit right with me. The debt accumulates interest. I know we may never pay it back but a lot of the cohort are at a massive disadvantage as it is. It doesn't make sense.

Have other people at other universities tried to get any money back and had any success? are there any nation wide movements happening? How can we make these businesses more accountable and not just able to swallow up money regardless of what they provide. I know life isn't fair etc but still...
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The only success is securing refunds/compensation has been through local targeted complaints through the student union and course reps systems.

If you can prove that the university did not deliver as promised in areas that were within their control then you kay have a case.

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