How many Masters applications should I do if I want to study abroad?

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I'm 2 years into a 4 year undergrad right now (going to study in Iceland for a year) and obviously a lot of my friends are going into their final year and thinking of masters applications.
2-5 seems to be the number I keep seeing with courses in general, but would this be the same if I wanted to apply abroad? I've seen quite a few I like in the UK as well that I'm having as back up options, but I'm just not sure how many is too many.
Side note: I have thought about funding already, I'm just exploring what options I have at this point as I've got more time to think about it.
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Ideally, you would apply to one - get in, and it would be perfect.

My friends have often benchmarked two similar Masters, as by the time you finish your next 2 years, you should have a very serious idea of which specialisation you are aiming for, and that will narrow down to just a few choices.

The Swiss engineering university ÈPFL does pay you to do some Masters there, others there have to be paid by you, but I’ve had friends who eventually said No to Lausanne due to one module choice of the curriculum, and who the prof was going to be for that course.

You need to do a lot more sleuthing than for undergrad, and although a Master is a given job requirement in many EEA countries, and needed in UK for science & academia, it’s not certain that it’s of great help in a UK business setting, might be better to get straight into employment, as my consultant friend told me recently.

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