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Hi there,

I'm seeking some advice on the PGCE interview. It is now via an online platform due to COVID 19.

I have been asked as a part of the interview assessment day to prep a mini 5 minute lesson. The subject I am interested in teaching is English to Secondary students. I would appreciate any advice on what type of topic I could do this on. I've been told it can be anything of my choice or any current issue teachers face. However, I think it would make more sense to cover something on the secondary syllabus. Does anyone have any tips for this?

I have also been given a 5 page document to discuss at interview, I have read this and made notes. It is about NQT retention and long-standing teacher retention. Does any one have any tips on what I could be asked on this?

Finally, does anyone have any advice on the interview process as a whole. I'm very anxious. I don't have any classroom experience and im struggling to get any due to COVID.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post. Any advice is appreciated.
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This thread has some good general advice: https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/sho....php?t=6193808

For the mini lesson, I wouldn't necessarily feel constrained by the secondary syllabus. So long as it's something a secondary level student can understand, it's fine. It's best to pick something you're really passionate about and you know you can talk about a lot, as you may receive follow up questions about why students should be interested in this topic and such.

In terms of the document, I had a similar discussion in my interview on teacher retention. I imagine you'll get questions about what tends to help a trainee teacher / NQT succeed and stay in the profession (and when answering this, don't be afraid to refer to qualities outside of the trainee's control, such as having a supportive mentor, being given actionable feedback, etc.). Then, you could be asked for examples of times you have shown resilience or similar (depends on the wording of the document really). It seems like they just want to see that you know it won't be easy, and that you've already thought about ways you can make sure you cope with it.

General advice would be to come across as enthusiastic but willing to learn. Be ready to be reflective and critical of your mini-lesson (with both positive and negatives) and to talk about what you would have done to extend on from that mini lesson. Show that you already know some things, but that you're willing to take advice on board.

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