Hear things that aren’t there?

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If ever I’m listening out for something, I seem to hear it.

I understand this is common, for example, imagining and warping a noise to be a burglar entering your house downstairs when you are home alone (not that this happens to me).

However, I can hear clear words which aren’t there.

For instance, I was upstairs with my dad doing an exercise class, and was expecting my mum to call up from downstairs at some point. Then, I heard my name being called, muffled due to the distance and fairly quiet but I was pretty sure it was my name. I ignored it, then she called again, louder, still muffled but definitely my name. Exactly the same way that she usually calls me (quiet and muffled, I think it’s something else, then louder and slightly more annoyed). I run out of the room, call that I’m coming, and shout down the stairs to ask what it was, but mum never called me. When I asked my dad, he didn’t hear anything either.

This happens repeatedly, but only if I’m listening out for something. Like when you are waiting for a delivery and you don’t want to miss the knock, and you jump at every sound incase it was a knock. But I actually hear things, not in my head but I swear they are somewhere else, usually a little distance away but still distinguishable.

Another example, me and mum were trying to find my dad and brother, in a museum with a large crowd, and we couldn’t phone them. Repeatedly I heard my dads voice, definitely his, very clear and fairly loud despite the crowd but at a distance, said my name, but when I looked he wasn’t there.

As I said, this happens often, but only when I’m expecting something or looking out for it, or potentially if I’m mildly anxious in trying to listen.
Something else, if it’s quiet I often can hear the tv or radio playing in the background, specifically downstairs (when I’m in my bedroom and the tv is downstairs), so can’t be neighbours. I believe this is pretty common, some say it’s sound bouncing off walls from neighbours (hence could seem like it’s coming from a room in my house), but it is the specific room where my tv is.

Does anyone else have this? I imagine so, it’s just somewhat annoying, since it’s hard to know whether they actually called me or not, so sometimes I come when not called, or don’t come when I am called, however like I said only in some situations. Or like the museum, how would I know whether to follow where the voice is coming from or not, if I was unable to see that my dad wasn’t there?

(I might add, in the situations, there has been some mild level of anxiety or suspense. For example, if I was lost somewhere, I know for sure I’d be hearing my name with the voices of various people very clearly if I were looking for them. When I was listening out for my mum’s call, although not too concerned but still a very little, it was more muffled and less clear, although louder the second time).

Sorry, this post is a bit of a mess, not really sure what I’m saying, just a discussion I guess.
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Yh I’ve had that before, it can get annoying.

But u seem to experience it way more

I gotta ask is this becoming too compulsive cause u might have OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder).

I suggest u talk to someone about it. Maybe ur GP/doctor could refer u to a psychiatrist or physiologist?

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