Anyone else had a problem with Marmalade black boxes connecting

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I have been driving for a couple weeks with my black box and I can't get it to connect to my phone no matter what I do. It has recorded all but 2 drives as 'Phone not present' with the other 2 being one which didn't record at all and another which recorded it properly for 10 minutes out of a half-hour journey. I have called customer services 3 times and they kept giving me things that could fix it that never worked or were pretty bogus anyway - for instance the idea of 'low battery mode' being on, but it's not the low battery mode that you can toggle on and off in settings its a different low battery mode that they didn't seem to know how to find or turn off. Has anyone else had problems connecting to their black box and if so how did you fix it? Also, will they penalise me for not driving with the black box and phone connected as it doesn't record drives if you don't connect them?

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I wasn't with marmalade, but I had the issue with carrot insurance and it went on for the most part of a year. They threatened to cancel my insurance for not connecting but I was connecting, it just wasn't recording my drives. One thing that worked for me (albeit temporarily, but nonetheless worked) was making sure the software on my phone was up to date, and then asking the insurance company to reset the box from their end so that you could reconnect. It worked for around 2 months and then I had the same issue throughout the entire year and nothing seemed to work after that point. In the end, they ended up sending me a £70 gift card at the end of my term with them as an apology for their faulty system. But yes, you can be penalised for not connecting your phone to your box if you cannot prove that this is an issue that you cannot personally fix.

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