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I'm going to try and keep this as concise as possible but I have been in a job for a few months and the lack of communication is starting to impact me mentally to the point I can feel myself beginning to have emotional reactions. I'm looking for anyone to share their experiences and what they do to handle similar situations which I can hopefully learn from!

To put it very simply, I have been told in the past that what goes out as the company is my responsibility and it's up to me what gets published. I didn't like something that got made today and I asked my boss about having the person change it, in a very casual conversation between us, because it looked "bad" overall. I got told that this person has proved themselves recently and they are now trusted with what gets created and has the final say. None of this was communicated to anybody, I feel extremely embarrassed as though I acted like I'm too big for my boots. My boss criticised me for saying it looked "bad" because that's not constructive feedback anyway but due to the tone of the conversation I wasn't formally listing my problems with it. It's not the first time some kind of bad communication has left me feeling embarrassed and I am now starting to react very emotionally.

I start talking (over text) to work friends and venting, I sort of vent to my boss in a way that's kind of digging for information by indirectly trying to get answers (Oh so this isnt my responsibility anymore? Have I been demoted? What's going on here? Am I ever going to get promoted? Do I have any future here? Have I not proved myself? Do you think I'm an idiot now for thinking I had the authority to change something I don't) and due to the nature of typing I feel like I've come across very frantic and unstable. I'm probably overthinking but I'm worried I have shown I can't handle certain situations and now I'm going to be carrying that impression of me for as long as I work here.

I know the obvious answer here is do NOT start venting, it's hard because its such a small company we're like a little family in a way, who have all been at least mutual friends for awhile, which makes having more serious-toned conversations harder. How else can I handle this better? It's really demotivated me and I don't see the point in trying now. I feel like I need to re-adjust my ego and accept I've been knocked down a bit. I want to pick myself up for tomorrow and do the right thing but I have been dwelling on this for HOURS...
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Personally, id find something youre already good at (possibly something calming) that can help you feel more positively about yourself

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