Guys does anyone have stories or advice on how to lose weight?

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Does anyone have their own personal stories on how you have been excessively working out? Or how you’ve lost a lot of weight/body fat?

Because I’ve gained soo much weight, and I want to excessively work out, but.. I don’t do it enough in a day or work out to hard.

I’ve done yoga like 2-3 times a week and also a full body work out like 1-2 times a day in all pretty much in the same week.
I binge eat but recently I’ve been eating less in a day.
So please any advice/stories?
Was about 19 stone, now just over 13 stone so still some work to do, but obviously, results are there.

Here's your biggest problem. Exercise. Not a lack of it, but rather you're focusing on exercise as a means for weight loss waaay too much. Exercise does little for weight loss and can actually hinder you in some cases. With the same calorie intake, you'd probably lose a few pounds a month at most through exercise. The biggest problem there is the same calorie intake. People often increase calorie intake after exercise. The worst part? All that exercise can be obliterated in a few minutes.

So what's the answer? Just eat less. It is literally that simple. No need to change what you eat, no need to do more exercise. There are health reasons as to why you might want to do both, but as far as weight loss goes? It's moot

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