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Hi guys,

Hope you are all doing well!

I graduated in 2015 from the University of Sheffield, in Business Management. I've just turned 27, and currently working in marketing.

I've decided to change my career direction, and move into the real estate industry. Hence my applications, and offers to the following university courses:
University of Reading - MSc Real Estate, MSc Real Estate Finance, MSc Real Estate Finance & Investment
University of Manchester - MSc Real Estate Development, MSc Real Estate Development
City, University of London (CASS) - MSc Real Estate

Has anyone had any experience completing/undertaking one of these courses? I'm particularly interested to hear of experiences on the Manchester courses, as there are very few posts on here relating to this course.

I'm torn between MSc Real Estate at Reading and MSc Real Estate Development at Manchester. My long-term future aspiration is to own a Real Estate Development/Investment company, and I will need to gain a lot of experience first, hence I hope this degree provides a platform for a successful career within the industry.

Thank you all,
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