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. I want to study at university starting September 2020. I haven’t arranged any student finance / accommodation. Is it possible to make a clearing application and still arrange finance to pay for accommodation and student loan with the time available?

Yes, it is all totally possible. But there are a couple of things you may need to be aware of. For example, some Universities may not have places in their halls left. You may end up needing to find private accommodation, in a house or in other private halls. However this is totally possible!
There may also be a delay in receiving your student loans, you'll get them but it may take a little longer.

Please do not be discouraged as I am certain there are many other people in the same situation as you every single year. If you still want to apply don't let these things hold you back!

May I also recommend registering your interest in a Clearing place with any Universities you may be interested in. This will help make sure you have all the right information at the right time and can help reduce some of the stress associated with this time period! , for example is the Reading University clearing page

Alternatively if you have already revived your results then you can apply for clearing right now!

What is it you're thinking of studying come September?

If you have any further questions please ask and I hope this has helped reassure you.

First year Biological Sciences and Student Ambassador

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