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hi! i’m going to be starting a level 3 course in applied science in september, and i’m currently in the process of deciding how i’m gonna manage my notes and work and what stationary to buy. On my last year on a different course i found it quite hard carrying folders and having everything in folders, so i did end up switching to taking notes on a laptop instead and saving everything digitally. for health and social care, this was easy to do as the whole thing is quite written, it’s mainly typing reports up assignment wise but i know science likely won’t be the same. if anybody has done or is doing applied science currently, is it better to hand write notes or type notes up? and is it going to be useful for me to buy folders and all of that kinda stuff. Do i need the textbooks to score high grades? what types of tasks are you given for your assignments, is my main question, as last year all i did was write essays and reports. any other random info that anybody thinks a student starting in september would need to know about studying science at btec would be appreciated!
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Nah you just need a refill pad to take notes, a pen and a phone to take pictures of the slides on the board. That's what got my through my level 3 / extended diploma and I've finished with D*D*D*

Most of the assignments will be typed up so you'll just be using the college computers for that.
You wont need textbooks, all resources will be printouts, PowerPoint slides and YouTube videos.

I did engineering which is similar to taking a science and the work is not that hard so don't worry 🙂
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