I am struggling because of the SFE response regarding the residency pro

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I am tired of giving so much evidence and seemingly correct papers to the Student Finance England so I can get the loan and go to uni. I keep giving and giving and yet nothing gets looked at properly and it takes so long for them to do so (as expected). Try to prove your residency period when you were a minor with your mother not knowing how to claim child benefit once we settled in the UK and the onlh things you've got are attendance sheets and exam papers that ain't enough. I don't know if I will be able to defer my course for 2021. I might not n even able to start uni till maybe I'm going to be 27+ to which I will not wait. I need to go to uni now no matter what. And then only thing that is stopping me right now is SFE.

I tried to get help this year for my mental health but unfortunately I was referred to try some support groups and chum thingy but due to my social anxiety I wasn't able to attend them. I'm tired. Both physically and mentally. I threw the thing away. It took one email from the Student Finance to nearly break me. I've got people around me so hopefully I will gradually feel better.
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It sounds like your upset and exhausted, something that isnt great when your trying to do something that can already be quite stressful :console:
You should talk to your GP about how your feeling- they can offer a lot of support. You should mention to them that youd rather not go to a support group, and they could guide you to something a bit different.

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