Bending over backwards for my friends. Should I still bother?

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Okay quick run down,
Two of my friends are doing resits. Friend 1 didn't do anything all year besides one assignment and Friend 2 took a whole semester to hand in a resit of one module so he fell behind with semester 2 work (I offered him help throughout the lockdown period, he ignored it on multiple occasions). So they both currently are doing resits and have until Monday to finish up and hand in. Friend 1 is doing a different course than me so someone in their class is trying to help them out with it. Friend 2 is in my class.
I have been trying to support them both throughout this entire week, making sure I'm as free as possible to be on voice chat for moral support.
However last night Friend 2 rang me at around 9 pm and asked if I could help them with After Effects and be on a voice chat. Bear in mind that my mum was watching tv in the living room and the internet is not too great in my bedroom. I hesitantly agreed and literally carried my laptop, 2 cooling fans and everything else into my bedroom for a 45-minute session of them watching tutorials after I couldn't get after effects to work. Friend 1 joined us on voice chat and I could have given them moral support at least but then they went offline 10 minutes after the session started without saying anything.
Both of them did not thank me for being on a video call the previous night until 2 am to keep them company and Friend 2 didn't bother to say thank you for helping me after interrupting what I was doing and getting me to help them.
So they are my friends, they may not be as good with the Uni stuff but they are more or less okay with the social stuff. But I really feel like I'm being treated like a doormat where I am expected to help Friend 2 because they feel like they are entitled to get help. Can't say much on Friend 1 because I'm not in their class, I don't know the material so therefore can only offer moral support not academic.

Given the deadline is Monday and I just have tried to call both of them to see if they need company whilst they do the work, Friend 1 declined the call and Friend 2 didn't pick up (will probably call me late tonight, again). Do I just leave them to their own devices?
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By all means support friends, but don't do it to your own detriment. It is their responsibility. Not yours. I didn't turn to my friends for assistance when I did my resit, it's nothing to do with them. They should get on with it by themselves for the most part. Question here and there is fine. Boundaries are important. Don't let people disrespect you by eating into your time with their needs. Your needs are still important.

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