How to finish A-Level chem in 2 months

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I just started studying for As Math and IAL Chemistry.. My exam is in 2 months :/ Idk if Ill make it tbh but do any of you have any advice on how i can get at least a C or D? Also do you think the grade thresholds will be lower this year? Im doing international qualifications with edexcel.

I know im very late but tbh exams getting cancelled and with the lockdown i kind of suffered a little bit mentally but im well enough now to study. Autumn exams is my only option

P.S I finished revising the AS bit of chemistry and im done with roughly first topic from the A2 bit.
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Make a timetable, minimum 6 hours a day revising up until your exams then amp up the hours
Just make sure you understand everything, not much point making flashcards or mindmaps at this point (however mindmaps for blurting out info is good) since chemistry and maths are quite conceptual. although obviously if there are things you need to remember, use flashcards but realllllly make sure you understand what you're learning as concepts stay with you forever whereas just memorising info is very short term and you're likely to forget the next day.
for maths just loads of practice - do every past paper, old spec, new spec, identify your weakest areas, make note and look up the topic and the trickiest questions so you are fully confident with any q they can give you
even just look up random questions e.g. search differentiation questions and there will be many!
Don't aim for C/D, you can achieve an A* you just have to really work for it now! It's the last hurdle so tunnel vision and just work work work
(also get off your phone and tsr)

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