Still obsessed with toxic people years later

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I was in a very close, very toxic friendship about 2 years ago. The friendship lasted a while and we were genuinely like a little family, all very close and spent a lot of time together. After a while, I found myself getting pushed out. Everyone coupled up and I didn't, everyone got into drugs and I didn't. After about a year of mockery and being taken advantage of I decided to leave the friendship group. 2 years on and I still think about them daily. I miss our friendship even though it ended terribly. I have great, supportive friends now, but I still think of them. What can I do?
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Its normal for you to miss them, especially since you say you were close. It can be difficult to become close with people again, and although you say you have great friends, maybe youre still lacking that closeness. There's really no point in worrying about what your previous friends are doing. Just try not to look at their social media and unfollow them if you havent already. I know what its like, I've been in a similar situation. One of my friends would constantly sext random guys on the internet, and would try to get me involved. I didnt want to do that so I had to part ways with her, even though we knew each other for almost a decade. im not going to lie, it was very difficult avoiding her when we literally used to talk every day. Its been about 5 years since we stopped talking, and I still think about her from time to time. If these people were truly toxic, you dont need them, and as painful as it is remembering what you used to have, you also have to try to remember what you saved yourself from by distancing from them. Time will heal

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