Acne + gym+ anxiety

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Just a short explanation, i have been battling spots for around five years now and i'm currently on benzoyl peroxide that doesn't seem to be cutting it and i'm now in my twenties and recently had my birthday and was too embarrassed to have videos and pictures took of me and my family must think i'm just weird.. i kept getting called in to blow the candles out (yes a surprise party with cakes and balloons still..) but panicked and said no i'm not doing it and i hate being the focus of attention,its not like i don't want to have fun and stuff its just something i cant get over and have zero confidence and since my skin turned for the worst i distant myself from pretty much everyone, i'm now thinking of starting the gym but i have read it makes your skin worse? should i say screw it and just get to the gym sorting out my health fitness wise or should i ask for a referral and deal with my spots first? i would say spots effect me more than my weight to the point of not wanting any pics taken of me, hate birthdays and stuff that puts all the attention on me and i just don't know what to family just see me progressing worse each year and i want to sort my life out as i'm in my twenties and feel like i'm still 15 or something and each year i stay the same while others move on up.
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my life summed into a thread title

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