University of London International Programmes No longer can study on your own

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I intend to study politics and IR (graduate route). I have registered sometime in the early 2000s but was unable to complete due to my hectic work

I read with sadness that your university no longer allows students to study on their own.

This is against the intention of the founders who obviously wanted to create opportunities for people who are unable to attend full time education to study for a degree,

I have been looking forward to this opportunity to study now that I need not spend so much time at work and will be retiring soon. I am 54

I am indeed surprised why I need to register with a recognised teaching centre. This will incur unnecessary and prohibitive costs.(about GBP 10K for the accounting pathway) Besides the nearest centre to me does not provide the course I want i,e Politics and IR, The other centres are at least 300 km away and they also do not provide this course. So please tell me what to do

I hope your university reconsider this restriction which arbitrary and unfair and a hindrance to people like me

I graduated from the University of Buckingham, England in 1989 and qualified as a Barrister-at-Law of Lincoln's Inn.
I was admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court in Malaysia and have been a practising lawyer since.

I believe I have the ability to study on my own and more so with the help of the internet where I am able to access many books and articles.

The imposition of this rule may be due to many students failing to pass whilst studying on their own. You may consider the following

1. Assess the student's ability whether he needs to attend a teaching centre
2. If a student fails his exam on first sitting then he will only be allowed to re-sit after attending a recognised teaching centre
3. Waive this requirement for graduates or you may judge each student on his individual merit

I am writing this because I am so disappointed now that I am unable to study as a external student of the University of London

Yours faithfully

S L Song

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