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Honestly haven't had too many timed practices for essays this year because of corona, so I'm not exactly spoilt for choice... Plus I'm applying for HSPS with only one arts subject (history) so........

I'm already pretty set on my choice for one of the essays, but I'm not too sure about the other one. I'm choosing between two essays.

The first is one that I wrote last year (I'm an international, so everything I did these two years counts as under the curriculum of my national exams) which is on a topic that I'm really familiar with and passionate about but isn't exactly my best work (an A, but my writing style and essay skills really improved this year).

The second choice is another that I wrote this year, on a topic that I think is very narrow? And not as interesting personally. But it's definitely one of my better essays and the writing style is more similar to my current one.

Both were done as part of my exams under timed conditions. Currently leaning towards the first one because the other essay I'll definitely be submitting was written this year and I guess I could show my improvement and current analysis skills through that? Plus I'm a little scared that they'll ask me about my essays during the interview. Thoughts?
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I would submit two essays that vary in either content or style from each other, so from the sounds of it your first essay and the other one you've already decided on sounds great! Essays don't need to be perfect, but show you have potential and interesting ideas. When I submitted mine (for English) one was only just into the A grade boundary and the other just about an A*, but I got a place! They know you've still got another year to develop your skills so I would say definitely go for interesting and something you're passionate about over than something you think they'll like. Good luck!

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