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Fluorine 18 is used in PET scans as a beta+ emitter. It is created with an 11-18 MeV cyclotron by bombarding oxygen 18 with protons. It can also be produced by the Neon-20(deuteron, alpha)Fluorine-18 reaction that only requires about 1-3 MeV. Natural, stable F is 19F. 18F has one less neutron for that number of protons, which is why it decays by positron emission. A deuteron is quite an unstable nucleus with a relatively low binding energy per nucleon, which is why it likes to react with other light nuclei in reactions such as D-D and D-T fusion. Because it's relatively weakly bound, it's very unlikely to be found as the product of a nuclear reaction, analogous to the 9Be(alpha, n)12C reaction that goes on inside an alpha-Be neutron source.
To make a source of energetic deuterons, you ionise deuterium gas within the ion source of a particle accelerator such as a cyclotron, just as you would with unenriched hydrogen if you were using a proton beam.
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I've wanted this too, i experienced this problem in secondary school too. I found it very diffiuclt to make friends when people had made their estabilshed friendship groups.
I also don't know anyone that i have properly clicked with. People Don't really bother with me with what i've eperienced.
Try joining some things outside school or volunteering
OP i hope you have more luck than me.
Stay strong
I hope college goes better than this...

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