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I will start Uni in September but I haven't made up my mind about whether I should live in Harrow Halls or Private Accommodation and had a few questions. If any previous/current students have experience living in either/both, I would really appreciate your answers/advice.

Whare are the additional costs involved(apart from rent) when living in Harrow Halls?
Are there any housekeeping services?
Are laundry costs included in the rent?
Are there any catering/meal-service options?
What are the kitchens like? What appliances are they pre-fitted with?
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Hi there! I've lived in Harrow Halls for my first year at uni.

As far as I remember, there's only a security deposit you need to put down in case of any damages to the room. You will get this back at the end though if all is fine.

When I was there, there was housekeeping services available for room cleaning, this would be an additional charge though. They had repeat cleaning services available as well as a one off. They had a deep clean option as well. (I'm not sure if this is still in place right now because of Covid-19, you could try asking the harrow halls accommodation team. )

There are hoovers you can borrow from the halls reception area if you just need to hoover your room.Kitchen surfaces, and the kitchen bins were cleaned and done for us a few days a week. (But do clean up if you make a mess)
They just ask that you take any glass bottles and jars to the glass recycling bins outside.

Laundry costs are not included in the rent but they were pretty cheap and affordable.There's no catering/meal-service options but if you don't feel like cooking one day there are a number places you can get food from in harrow town center or you can order off of Uber Eats or Deliveroo.

I had a Large En-Suite room, we had a different kitchen to the standard rooms but I visited my friend a number of times who had standard. You'd probably ultimately get more cupboard space in the standard rooms, (I had more people to share my kitchen with but I did have a much larger room) my friend had 2 cupboards and I had one but you could fit a lot in there. You have a Fridge/Freezer, I recommend you claim fridge space as soon as you get there.

You have a big sink and a drying rack. You have tons of space to prepare your food. There's a phone in the kitchen to phone reception if you ever need them for anything.
You have a kettle and toaster provided for you. There is also a table and a few chairs there for anything who wants to sit and eat. There's a recycling bin and a regular waste bin. I think someone brought a toastie machine with them and they were willing to share with the rest of the flat so long as people cleaned up after themselves. Oh and of course you have your kitchen stove and oven!
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