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I'm about to finish year 12 and have to start considering university options mores seriously. I'm confused about the difference between the role of a biomedical scientist and a clinical biochemist. I have found that the salary for a biochemist is much higher and i'm not sure why.
Also does anyone know the likeliness of getting a job if you do either of these degrees?
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Biomedical Science includes Blood & Cellular Sciences, Immunology, Molecular Biology & Genetics, Pathology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmacology & Toxicology... modules are set and there is very little flexibility especially in IBMS accredited courses. After graduation you can complete IBMS training portfolio (12-18 months) and register with HCPC to work as biomedical scientist
Healthcare Science very similar but includes clinical work placement so you come out after graduation and can start working for NHS immediately
"Biomedical science focuses on how cells, organs and systems function in the human body"
A biomed programme may include biochemistry module or two and will have biochem interwoven throughout; biochemistry is also specialisation you can go into as biomedical scientist working in healthcare

Biochemistry has less focus on clinical/medical applications and is more chemistry heavy, useful to think of as chemistry of biological molecules and processes
"Biochemistry is the use of molecular methods to investigate, explain and manipulate biological processes."
There is lots of overlap between these disciplines but some key differences

if you have any questions please let me know,
best wishes
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The first response is accurate but details more on the differences between the two courses. I believe your question was more career based.

There's not really a role of "Biochemist", within the NHS anyway. In the private sector people call themselves what they want.

You can be a Biomedical Scientist in Biochemistry. You can be a Clinical Scientist in Biochemistry. Most hospitals have a Biochemistry department, if they don't then they have one nearby.

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