I made an animation about fat people

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Hey guys,
If you like to watch youtube videos made by overweight people, who do mukbangs, lifestyle or whatever I think you might find it interesting.


I made an animation originally inspired by the character of Amberlynn Reid (american youtuber)

Synopsis: Fast Beauty tells a story of an overweight woman who is stuck in a vicious cycle of binge eating despite her longing to true beauty. Due to mysterious circumstances, she wakes up sitting on the moon being served by mysterious moon-waitresses. Those abstract trips to her cosmic subconsciousness might be the only way to escape her self-sabotage

If you are interested to see it and read more about agenda behind it I'd really appreciate it. I'm just starting out my youtube channel and would love if I could get to more people with my art and approach to current beauty standards.

ps-please forgive me the title, I just wanted to make it sound more interesting! I used to be overweight myself and would really like to help people who struggle. My intention definitely is not to feel anyone bad about themselves
Just my opinion
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(Original post by myula)
. My intention definitely is not to make anyone feel bad about themselves
To be honest, while nobody likes to admit it, that is the only way to get people to do something about it.
I don't mean abusing fat people in the street, but if you feel fine or even just ambivalent about being obese you are unlikely to change.
Losing weight when you're big isn't easy, it takes real effort, otherwise we would all be slim and healthy. I'm sure you felt bad about yourself (either the way you looked or your health in general) when you decided to make the effort to do something about it.
Being polite and thoughtful has got us here.
When you have morbidly obese women on the front of beauty magazines telling us we should celebrate being so big we are heading in totally the wrong direction.
In the 1980s just 7% of us were obese.
That's now 26%

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